A Clouded Life

"Rusty looked over his shoulder at the tall silhouette walking toward him. He sensed sarcasm in the mocking tone of her voice, and knew, even before he opened his mouth, whatever he said might sound like an insult. What he did not know was his next few words would change his life ..." Since running away from home as a teenager to become a cowboy, Russell Starke has lived his life at the end of an extended radius, void of stability and comfort. Now, in 1929, he's living the life of a barnstormer flying a post-war biplane. His life is about to come unhinged. Trading one way to die for another doesn't require a lot of thought if you believe dying only happens to others. His chance meeting with Amelia Earhart-who asks only to be called Rose-launches young Rusty into the cloudy skies of romance. The lightning flash of their one-night fling sets in motion a storm of life choices fueled by lost friendships, demolished aircraft and unrequited love. His return to the home he left half a lifetime before, and subsequent meeting with a woman he'd known only as his best-friend's little sister, creates a complication he did not anticipate.

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  • Original Title:A Clouded Life
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  • ISBN:9781533596413
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  • Publisher:Published July 29th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 364 pages