A Sucka in Love for a Thug

Meet Marcus "Bango" Johnson, a twenty five years old hustler in the city streets of Montgomery, Alabama. He's the type of dude that women flock to and men want to be. Sometimes Bango loves the street life and other times he doesn't. He has numerous women but only one occupies his mind and heart, his best-friend, Taea Gresham. Trials and tribulations from being a street runner and a womanizer start to take its toll on their friendship, causing Taea to seriously think about continuing their friendship. Tragedy strikes to close to home and Bango have to decide was the streets worth losing Taea forever. Will he continue the street life and further harm their relationship? Or will he decide that enough is enough and throw in the hustler and womanizer card? Meet Taea Gresham, a twenty five years old level headed woman that thought she knew what she wanted out of life, until she kept having reoccurring feelings for her best-friend, Bango. Ever since they were younger, Taea always had to deal with Bango's women harassing her. She's to the point where she can't take any more of the foolishness, yet she doesn't want to lose Bango. When tragedy strikes, Taea struggles with forgiveness and moving forward with her life. Will she forgive him for her messed up fortune and live life to the fullest? Or will she forever be damned?

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  • Original Title:A Sucka in Love for a Thug
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  • ISBN:9781537164311
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  • Publisher:Published August 23rd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 260 pages