Birth of the Resistance

Angela is alive and ready for action in this exciting, adventure filled sequel. The Drummer is no more, as Angela goes undercover as Cloud Rider to stop the evil organization, known as CHAIN, from killing innocent Christians. Cloud Rider, with the support of UMAC and through the awesome power of God, hurries to find, and expose, link, the head of CHAIN, put an end to his tyranny, and spread the word of God to a lost world. This action-packed journey is a must read, as Cloud Rider is pulled into street fights, high-speed car chases, heart pounding gunfights, and the occasional rock performance. Join Angela on her quest as she proves that: God is good, the devil is real, and the gates of Hell will NOT prevail

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  • Original Title:Birth of the Resistance
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  • ISBN:9781537173412
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  • Publisher:Published August 18th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 230 pages