Dirty South: A Dope Boy Love Story

Dynasty Joy'Kenya Woods is far from your typical woman. As she works her way up to detective, she wants nothing more than to clean up the streets with a focus of taking down high powered drug dealers, small time dope boys and violent gangsters. Her career leaves her blindsided to the fact that her marriage is about to take her on a whirlwind, while she continues to forgive her cheating husband of his ways. But will she get more than what she bargains for when she gets assigned to one of the biggest cases in her division? Jabari Woods couldn't save his marriage to Dynasty if a magic genie popped out of a lamp and gave him three wishes to make things right again! His cravings for other women has no limits. To cover his tracks he lives a secret, double life that could cost Dynasty hers. Jerrell also known as -Kane- has been running the streets with his homeboys Scrap and Banks. When he meets Dynasty, his life is changed forever leading him to feel he's ready to stop selling drugs and that she's the perfect woman for him. However, when tragedy strikes Dynasty, they are forced to tell each other the truth, revealing secrets that could ruin everything they've worked hard for. It's only a matter of time before they have to decide whether the love they are starting to feel is worth fighting for. Situations become deadly and things heat up for Dynasty the more she realizes she is loving a dope boy who's been under her nose the whole time. Follow Dynasty in the Dirty South as she finds herself entangled in a Dope Boy Love Story.....

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  • Original Title:Dirty South: A Dope Boy Love Story
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  • ISBN:9781537170077
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  • Publisher:Published August 22nd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 354 pages