Fight Cut Combatives Instructor Usacapoc

Table of Contents What is FIGHT CUT? About the Founder US ARMY WAR COLLEGE The Inaugural FIGHT CUT 20 Hour VMI Combatives Class Brigadier General Michael Ferriter with David L. Sgro LTC Edward Reeder with David L. Sgro Letter of reference from LTC Bryan Owens Certificate of Appreciation 1-325th ABN INF Testimony from 82nd MP CO Testimony from Soldiers who've studied FIGHT CUT The Inaugural FIGHT CUT 160 Hour USACAPOC Train the Trainer Class USACAPOC (A) SOF Warrior and Warrior Triad Use of Force Continuum Combatives Help Sheet Task 1 - 14 Task 1 CAT Task 2 Combat Roll Task 3 Standard Wrist Lock Task 4 Turn Over Task 5 Chicken Wing Task 6 Flexcuffing & Search Task 7 Standing the PUC up (Prisoner Under Control) Task 8 SLAB & CAB Task 9 Rear Chicken Wing & Take Down Task 10 Binding Chain Task 11 Gooseneck Comealong Task 12 Figure 4 Chicken Wing Task 13 Alex Entry Task 14 Striking "Palm Heel & Elbow" Task 14 Front Kick Task 14 Round Kick Task 14 Strikes against a grab in the M4 Combatives Help Sheet Task 15 - 25 Task 15 Getting Up In Base Task 16 Mount Post and Roll Task 17 Shrimp Escape Task 18 Scissor Sweep Task 19 Arm Triangle Task 20 Cross Collar Choke Task 21 Achieve the Clench Task 22 Rear Takedown Task 23 Guillotine Choke Task 24 " Can Opener" Guard Pass Task 25 Rear Naked Choke Combatives Help Sheet Task 26-32 Task 26 Weapons Presentation Task 27 Shooting Platforms Task 28 Moving (Groucho, Step and Drag, Wing Span, Index Turn) Task 29 Weapons Retention Task 30 Weapons Disarm Task 31 Malfunction Task 32 One Arm Mag Change What is USACAPOC? United States Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command. USACAPOC contracted with David Sgro (FIGHT CUT) to create an ITC (Instructor Trainer Course) for their Soldiers. This is the resulting Instructor Manual. What is F.I.G.H.T. C.U.T.? F.I.G.H.T. C.U.T. (Fully Integrated Grappling and Hitting Techniques, Close Up Techniques)is a Military Combatives Course based on techniques from Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tang SooDo (Karate), and Arnis. There is a tremendous need for Military Personnel to train in Combatives, especially in the following areas: 1) Force Continuum from "Less Force" to "More Force" (Diplomacy to Deadly Force) 2) Blocks and redirections of aggressors' attack 3) Joint Locks, Arm Bars, and Come-alongs 4) Striking with lethal and non-lethal application to end the conflict 5) Take Downs/Ground fighting 6) Baton 7) M4 and M9 Weapons Retention/Disarms. F.I.G.H.T. C.U.T. was specifically developed for military personnel. "San Kae Ryu Bu Jitsu" (The Mountain Path Way of the Combative Arts) is the martial arts style that developed from 10 years of teaching the US Special Forces, 82nd ABN, Military Police, Civil Affairs, PsyOPS, and others. Visit for more info.

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