As a young student studying English Literature, more particularly Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (and being bored to death by the experience!), the writer was intrigued and mystified why in The Man of Law's Tale, 'Constance', whoever or whatever this was, arrives in Northumberland. 'Constance' had travelled to Assyria, that ancient empire that dominated the middle east for thousands of years, before leaving to arrive, bizarrely, at this most northerly county of England. Of all the exotic places Chaucer could have chosen, why did he choose this wild, remote location. The writer's conclusion is that Chaucer was trying, through his Tales to impart an important message about a hidden location of 'something'. This 'something' is very special and of huge historical and religious importance and the story defines its actual current day location. Combining this theory with the other Canterbury Tales, the book weaves historical truths and facts into a fictitious story of murder, mystery, adventure and bloodshed. The story tells of Chaucer's family secrets and his life from childhood to his mysterious death. Throughout the story the origins of each of the Tales are suggested and, like the original writings, it is full of bawdy humour, romance, strong characters, political intrigue and reveals fascinating conclusions that will surprise and amuse the reader, and it all could be true!

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