Heart 2 Heart: Let's Really Talk

We tweet; we text; but do we really talk? Isn't it true that we have more and more "friends" through social media, and yet fewer and fewer people who REALLY know us? What if we had a way to be intentional about sharing our deepest feelings while, even more importantly, growing deeper in our faith in Jesus Christ? As women, don't we feel a longing to really know someone and be equally known? Heart2Heart is a compilation of fifty devotions and penetrating questions designed to be experienced by two women committed to meeting weekly together over coffee, tea, lunch, or yummy dessert! Do you have a friend you'd like to get to know better? Would you like to be mentored by an older woman but are not sure exactly what you would talk about? Do you have a friend who is uncertain about her faith with whom you'd like to have deeper spiritual conversations? Do you feel the isolation of having 500 friends on social media, but no one really knows the real you? Heart2Heart can be the answer to each of these! Join authors Vicki Lassiter and Kelli Lawrence as they share their own experiences and spiritual insights in easy-to-read weekly devotions. Choose another woman with whom to share this simple yet profound way to learn more about Jesus and each other, and let's get started REALLY talking!

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  • Publisher:Published August 24th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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