Heaven's Solution: Leaning

We all have dreams about who we would like to be, what we would like to be doing or how we would like to live our life differently. We can continue to dream about them but at some point, in order to make those dreams come true, we are required to make changes in our lives to support the new dream that we want to live. You may have to change the way you think, make different decisions, spend money or use your time--differently. The truth is, if it were possible for you to be living your dream without making changes, you probably would have done it already! Difficult circumstances are often the catalyst for the changes you need to make in order to step into your dream and make it a reality. As you read my story you will discover how devastating circumstances with my Great Dane, "Kayko" required realignment in almost every area of my life as my husband and I walked through her cancer diagnosis and paralysis. Leaning into this fire of adversity, rather than running away, caused me to make the changes that were the beginning of my dreams coming true. I wanted to become a healer of animals and people and this was an opportunity to grow into the dream that God had for me. The challenges that I faced would help me make new decisions that began to shape my dream. If you have spent much time around Great Danes you may know that when you become their friend, they will literally come near to lean on you. No one knows really why, but in my experience, it seems to be sign of affection and trust. Just like this "leaning habit" of Great Danes, I found that learning to lean on Jesus Christ and others that love you, is a huge growth opportunity when going through difficult times. It is my hope that our story inspires, challenges and motivates you to use your hard circumstances to make new decisions that will lead you into your dream. Challenges are inevitable but learning to lean on those who love you will help you use them to overcome your mountain and find new beauty within. Read the next book in this series called Heaven's Solution: Winning. Jennifer Kay Schramm is a massage therapist and has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1996. She is a Christian Spiritual Development Coach and has a passion for healing and teaching how to overcome obstacles by hearing the promise and revelation of Christ. Hearing God's Word accelerates the process of emotional and physical healing and brings hope to hearts that are being challenged by what they are facing. Jennifer's passion is to help people find their next steps quickly and to build their relationship with God by hearing Him, following and leaning on Him. Jennifer's other passion is working with dogs and their owners to restore sick, overweight and aging dogs through canine massage, exercise and nutrition. She started The Great Escape Barkery selling dog treats in 2003 and has expanded it to now include canine massage and wellness emphasis. Her own dog, Dixie Dawg, has been healed of back leg paralysis from 2 bulging discs in 2008 and terminal cancer in 2010 and today is very active, loving to walk and swim. Her journey has helped her learn about homemade dog food, herbs, prescription medications for pain, harnesses for disabled dogs, dog wheelchairs, prayer for healing, canine cancer, holistic veterinarians, canine oncologists, etc. If you have a dog facing health issues, know that Jesus Christ is concerned about what concerns you. He loves your dog too.

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