If Loving You Is Wrong 2: Keisha & Carter

Every woman has a breaking point; and Keisha Johnson has reached hers. Wanting nothing more than to be loved by her man, she endures everything that he throws at her; including his fists. But when the abuse gets to be life threatening, and she's had enough, Keisha does the only thing that she can think of; she runs. Trying to piece her life back together after years of abuse from her boyfriend and step father, Keisha leaves and is starting over after her long-time boyfriend Deshaun is imprisoned. Keisha vows to not love anyone else. But promises are meant to be broken. Carter Nash has been assigned to protect Keisha from the abuse she had been encountering from her boyfriend. Keisha doesn't see her worth, but Carter is beyond infatuation. But can she look past his dark hair and green eyes to see that he is in love with her? Warned not to get too close, he's ready to take on any challenge. But what lies beyond the line he crosses when he finds himself falling for the caramel mocha goddess? Deshaun Williams spent two years in prison because of Keisha and he wants her to pay. After convincing almost the entire time that he was a changed man, he wants nothing more than to see Keisha suffer, especially when he learns of her disappearance. Determined to find her, he devises the ultimate scheme to tie up loose ends and reclaim what's his. This twisted story takes the reader into a better look of Keisha and Deshaun as she fights to get her life back, and protect those she holds close.

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  • Original Title:If Loving You Is Wrong 2: Keisha & Carter
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  • ISBN:9781533616630
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  • Publisher:Published May 21st 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 246 pages