In Search of Moonlit Crevices

This is a journey throughout the restless voids of space and time, a meditation on thought and thoughtlessness, on beauty for its own sake and acute desire, on the path from the gulf of despair to the brinks of redemption. This is an excursion amid the gentle undulations of hollow waves, subtle nuances of light and the direction of the imperious wind, amid impressions of being within the fullness of itself, inside and outside, through and through, until love begins to seep through the cracks. This is a collection of moments ranging in duration but steadily reaching for an overall persistence, where spontaneity has elongated itself into a panoply of restless color and movement, attempting to both fathom the abyss of grief and despair and soar into the farthest reaches of cosmic distances within the rarefied space of an eye that blinks only once for the beauty that remains.

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  • Original Title:In Search of Moonlit Crevices
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  • ISBN:9781537175249
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  • Publisher:Published August 22nd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 100 pages