Into Thin Air

On the surface, Andrea Brookes is a normal high school student in Laguna Beach; she spends her free time surfing with her friends, stressing over pointless drama, and crushing on the most popular guy in school. However, as a rare Nepos, Andrea is a force to be reckoned with, and she knows she doesn't live the life of a typical sixteen-year-old. She has to spend every day trying to hide her secret ability, hydrokinesis, from everyone except the only family she has left: her half-sister, Leslie, and their roommate, Julian.

Andrea is finally accustomed to her unusual situation and is content with her complicated life, until she begins seeing a strangely familiar man watching her from a distance everywhere she goes. Things grow increasingly unsettling as memories from her past resurface to haunt her, and she soon realizes that the entire foundation of her childhood may have been a lie. Andrea, Leslie, and Julian are unexpectedly sent on the adventure of their lives when one of the three goes missing. They must participate in a dangerous rescue mission to save their friend or risk losing one of their own forever.

Book Info

  • Original Title:Into Thin Air
  • Author:
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  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781532002885
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  • Publisher:Published August 24th 2016 by iUniverse
  • Format:Paperback, 162 pages