Let's Keep It Clean: Coloring Book

Want to vent your anger or frustration without using words that will get: A. You fired? B. Your mouth washed out with soap? C. You assigned five "Hail Marys" and five "Our Fathers" in the confessional? Let's Keep It Clean is a coloring book containing 30 modest exclamations for artists to color and decorate. Suitable for all ages, including younger and more sensitive persons. Designs include: Darn, Shucks, Buzz Off, Crazy, Wacky, Gosh, Yikes and more! Get in on the swear word coloring craze while keeping it clean!

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  • Original Title:Let's Keep It Clean: Coloring Book
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  • ISBN:9781537171401
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  • Publisher:Published August 22nd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 62 pages