Nobody Knows Where Frank Hutchison Is Buried

Nobody Knows Where Frank Hutchison Is Buried satirizes an ethos often ascribed to the war baby generation. Frank Hutchison is raised in a laissez-faire manner by his widowed mother and has to fashion an identity by observing the way adults and his schoolmates act and speak. Though often lonely and insecure he cherishes his freedom and believes that he can recognize others who possess a similar consciousness, which he finds is often expressed in creativity and non-conformism. He imagines himself becoming a baseball player, and activist, a historian, and a writer, but his real goal is simply to remain free of any responsibility except to himself. Threatened by military conscription he changes his name and moves to a small town with three friends who call themselves The Experiment. When events force them to separate, Frank finds that he is no longer certain who he is. He spends years on the fringes of society imagining that the government is pursuing him. He becomes a janitor, and when he retires he discovers that his best friend, who became a prominent restaurateur but whom Frank has not contacted for forty years, has died. As he drives across the country to visit the friend's grave, he recalls the events of his own life and his youthful desires are re-awakened. But when offered the chance to revive The Experiment he realizes that the identity and purpose that he has always sought cannot be found in a person or a place or material success, but are manifestations of a journey that for him will never end.

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