Pain No More: Fast & Easy Self Healing Methods

EXPERIENCING PAIN? STOP IT TODAY! THIS is NOT Only a Book - It's a 100% FLUFF FREE, Fast Acting Traditional & Very EFFECTIVE Self Healing Method SUPPORTED with over 200 IMAGES and 25 Videos That Will Help you Get Relief, Right away! Alex Taurus for the first time, opens the doors of his treasure safe, filled with proven and effective healing methods. As renowned therapist with 34 years of experience, Alex helped to thousands of man and women to get rid of wide variety of health conditions, pains and disorders. "I love helping people heal. Over the years, frustration was growing in me. If patient can not come to see me I can not help. And in most cases, pain and tiredness could be annihilated. Modern medicine doesn't want you to KNOW and HAVE ways to self heal effectively. Even today's holistic / natural medicine is keeping a lot from people especially hidden are SIMPLE to APPLY self healing methods that work." Alex started to train physiotherapists, chiropractics and physicians and that has bring him some satisfaction. However, giving out self healing "secrets" to ordinary man and women in 'easy to understand and apply' way is what Alex Taurus really became passionate about. All he teaches in his seminars and to his patients is now present here in this book. Detailed descriptions, photos and videos you get F R E E on request (right from the authors web page) will make sure you can find and learn method you need, right away. GET the RELIEF of (ANY SORT of) PHYSICAL PAIN TODAY!

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  • Original Title:Pain No More: Fast & Easy Self Healing Methods
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  • ISBN:9781537162362
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  • Publisher:Published August 22nd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 100 pages