Renae' Jules (Rae J) Morgan?

Rae J's love for Allen Ward was much stronger than she ever imaged and she had no problem showing Veronica that she would never stand by and let her destroy him. Although Veronica was angry she took her anger out on the one person that had nothing to do with it. Rather than to blame the two people that caused the problems that she suffered in her life, she preferred to rain war on the innocent ones that had no clue why, in the end, it cost the one person she loved his life. Rae J vowed that she will fulfill the prophecy fully and it doesn't matter if she needs to put a few people down along the way. She does realize the obstacles that stand in the way of her happiness. Once the people saw what she was capable of, they embraced her with their love and respect. They believed that she was a goddess sent to save them, but what they don't know is this has always been her world and she's home to roost.

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  • Original Title:Renae' Jules (Rae J) Morgan?
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  • ISBN:9781532879883
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  • Publisher:Published August 25th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 298 pages