Rise of the Seculars: The Humanist Fight to Uphold the Us Separation of Church and State

The book is about the secular movement in the United States. It deals with the fundamentals of why the US constitution is the way it is, and how the "wall of separation" in the First Amendment has been attacked and defended through the years, with special emphasis on the last 10-15 years.
The book tells the story of legal battles around the Pledge of Allegiance, the National motto, the National day of Prayer, Christian proselytizing and prayer in schools, and so on. The book also deals with the current strategies and topics of concern for the secular movement, with special emphasis on the American Humanist Association.
The book carries three extensive interviews - case stories - with individuals who have been defending the secular principles in harsh local battles, some of them at a great personal cost.
The book brings a full, in-depth story of the well-known Jessica Ahlquist case. The heartbreaking story received massive media attention when the story broke nationally in early 2012.
You can also read the full story about what happened to Damon Fowler when he protested a Christian prayer being held at his graduation ceremony. Finally, you can read about county commissioners in Carroll County, Maryland, that would rather go to jail than to stop praying at the onset of meetings.
The book also goes through a lot of statistical evidence to answer the question: Is the US becoming more secular or not? Don't worry; It is.
The book starts with the broad perspective, and ends with the stories from some individuals who have suffered great personal cost on behalf of America's secular principles.
The three extensive interviews with Jessica Ahlquist, Damon Fowler, Neil Ridgeley and Denise Graybill were made during a tour of the US in March 2015.
The book is translated from Norwegian. Original title: "One Nation - UNDER GOD! - Sekulaere amerikaneres kamp for a beholde skillet mellom stat og kirke.""

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