Stolen in America: A True Story

'Stolen in America' is the harrowing story of a father's search for his teenage son who is kidnapped by his mother and passed on to relatives who raise him in their Mormon faith - without his consent or knowledge. The story that unfolds between the covers of this book will send shivers down the spine of every divorced parent. It leads the reader on a journey of searing heartache, descent into the black depression and eventual financial ruin, as he relentlessly searches for and tries to bring his son home. It is also an inspiring story of the visceral bond between a father and his child and the resilience of the human spirit. On one hand a modern day personal tragedy of Shakespearean proportions, on the other an expose of the corruption that exist and flourishes within the legal system and establishment of small town America, the shameful actions of an absent, vindictive mother and the complicity of the Mormon Church in this heartless crime. All guilty of breaking the laws of the land and moral code of all decent people."

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  • ISBN:9781537175522
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  • Publisher:Published August 23rd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 278 pages