The Adventures of Jimmie Dale

Show Excerpt desk, picked up an envelope that lay upon it, and, turning again, dropped into the nearest lounging chair. There had been no doubt in his mind, none to dispel. It was precisely what he had expected from almost the first word Jason had spoken. It was the same handwriting, the same texture of paper, and there was the same old haunting, rare, indefinable fragrance about it. Jimmie Dale's hands turned the envelope now this way, now that, as he looked at it. Wonderful hands were Jimmie Dale's, with long, slim, tapering fingers whose sensitive tips seemed now as though they were striving to decipher the message within. He laughed suddenly, a little harshly, and tore open the envelope. Five closely written sheets fell into his hand. He read them slowly, critically, read them over again; and then, his eyes on the rug at his feet, he began to tear the paper into minute pieces between his fingers, depositing the pieces, as he tore them, upon the arm of his chair. The five sheets demolished, his fingers di

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  • Original Title:The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
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  • Genre:Mystery, Classics
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  • ISBN:9781537158983
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  • Publisher:Published August 25th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (first published 1917)
  • Format:Paperback, 454 pages