The Reaper: A Rick Stevens Novel (The Fisherman Book 2)

It's been six months since Dominick Mazzio's failed attempt to eliminate Mafia Boss Salvatore DiFlippo. Everything has returned to normal in Western NY. The rumors on the street are running wild about Hit Man Rick Stevens: some say he’s no longer in the game, others say he’s no longer alive. Either way, Stevens has decided after finishing one last job, he’s out.

A long forgotten enemy of DiFlippo's is released from prison and is bent on settling an old score. With some help, a plan is set in motion and DiFlippo is taken down on the hard streets of Buffalo NY, and his only grand-daughter is kidnapped. The kidnappers planned for everything, except Stevens. When it comes to The Reaper, there is no plan.

It will take all of Stevens’ skill and a lot of help from a new acquaintance to rescue the girl. Special Agent Kate Riley with the FBI has been assigned to the DiFlippo case. With the clock ticking, both must work together to rescue DiFlippo’s missing granddaughter before she disappears into the seedy underworld of human trafficking and sex slaves.

Stevens now must avenge DiFlippo and rescue his granddaughter, all while staying off of the FBI’s radar. As fate would have it, this job becomes more personal than Stevens could have imagined, leading him down a path he thought he would never travel again.

The Reaper is a thrilling pursuit that starts in Buffalo and makes exciting stops in Miami and NYC before its breath taking conclusion in Northwest Arkansas.

Book Info

  • Original Title:The Reaper: A Rick Stevens Novel (The Fisherman Book 2)
  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published August 19th 2016 by Mark D. DiRienzo Books
  • Format:Kindle Edition, 237 pages