A clip-handed component holder with a 3-spheric top - 2 blue eyes on 1 white head, aptly named Three-Oh - confronts his many, sometimes perilous jobs, his blended family, their dangerous animals and the accidental mauling of his first-born son. A techno-tragicomedy - a compendium of 118 photo-tableau multi-voice single-panel comic strips - the eponymous Three-Oh in paperback. And just who is Three-Oh? Variously, an admired single parent, a smoker, a joker, a social creature, an effective educator, a rental car agent, a musician, an auctioneer, a high energy physics tech, an exotic animals breeder, a disciplinary family man, an author, an actor, a technology evaluator, demonstrator and engineer, a Chinese restaurant delivery boy, a Don Juan with the hex wrenches, a salon stylist, an educator, repairman to royalty, a yoga master, an officer of a secret lodge, an entrepreneur, a newly remarried father and loving husband, a choir leader, a health buff, an office manager, and, powerless to protect his son from a mauling inflicted by a trusted pet, distraught soul and spiritual supplicant. An inner sound track runs through Three-Oh whose captions are often musical. You'll be humming along with Three-Oh's renditions of yogic chanting, Bee Gees, Brubeck, flamenco, melodies from his inner song, his tunings up, his plaintive and reflective subverbals. At work and at home, Three-Oh relies on his many tools and technologies including his PV wafers, polarity probes, magnets, showerhead, galvanized hanger strap, foam rubber balls, sticks of incense, Q-tips, scissors, Scotch tape, crazy glue, screwdrivers and compasses, emery boards and files and brushes, chopsticks, jumper cables, a tiny torch, markers, soldering iron stand, tie wraps and goggles, a hole puncher and more magnets and tacks and hex wrenches, tweezers, clippers, razors, weather stripping, a level, a piece of cut drinking straw, some wonderful dance moves, a pin cushion, pins, a button, a steel spring, a rubber glove, an old Nokia phone, a butane lighter, a pipe cleaner, more magnets, drill caps, a piece of string, rolls of measuring tape and matters of life and death. Three-Oh believes that, just like there's UK English and American English and India English, there should also be a Machine English. Towards that end, Three-Oh invents and modifies words in the English language. So, don't be put off by the neologisms - that's Three-Oh's own language you're reading. Oh yeah, there's also some Japanese, Spanish, Italian and American rocker language dialog. Watch for it. Three-Oh knows a lot of folks, his friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family and his support team including Bobo, Lulu, Vivi, Mimi, Fifi, Momo, Umum, Popo, Za Za, Anan, Toto, Tata, Bubu, Kaka, Dee Dee, Jo Jo, Zuzu, Yoyo-san (from Japan), Juju, Gigi, ChaCha, Mumu, Pipi, WuWu, Baba, Coco, little Nana, Subassembly 641 and the Professor. With special appearances by The Pope, The Queen and The King. And of course, Three-Oh himself is just a humble techie uperduperstar. Many adjectives describe Three-Oh: twisted, expressive, emotional, dancing, pedagogical, mugging, conducting, wrestling, meditating, outgoing, loving, inquisitive, forgetful, self-righteous, flustered, and yet at the same time, responsible, irresponsible, helpful, helpless, and so many more oxymorons and inconsistencies. (Spot the discontinuities). Like much of life, Three-Oh's sets are crude and flawed. Three-Oh is deeper than what's on the surface. So, although he's adorable, look past the physical to discover the inner Three-Oh. After all, isn't each one of us a little bit Three-Oh?

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  • ISBN:9781533093356
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  • Publisher:Published August 23rd 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 124 pages