Twisted Murder: A Murder Mystery Novelette

Who Killed Gloria McLend-Turner? A woman who has no known enemies and friends across the globe. She's fun and witty, as everyone describes Gloria McLend-Turner, who was a retired Flight Attendant of Choctaw County, Oklahoma. She's a widow and mother of two to Julia 21 and Mathew 23. Despite losing her husband, Roger MclLend nearly ten years ago in a hit and run, Gloria decides entering the dating scene once again. She ditches the traditional way of meeting and joins the fad of online dating. Gloria then meets Jackson Turner, a retired Architect, who she marries shortly, six months later to be exact. It all seemed to go extremely well up until their one year marriage Anniversary. What started as a beautiful morning ends with a horrific death of Gloria. Mr. Turner is the one who finds his wife lying lifeless. Surely the husband did it, is the initial assumption, thus as typical Mr. Turner becomes the prime suspect. She was left in pools of blood, which resulted from deep gashes in every area of her body. No weapon was in sight, nothing but a key with a bloody print on it. With a sight so disturbing and little evidence to go on, it leaves investigator Mitchell chasing a killer in almost pure darkness. Mitchell is a new investigator to the Sherriff's Department Homicide Division, and Gloria's murder is his first major case. Mitchell tries to piece together the crime but hits pitfalls. Mitchell soon learns valuable information from Gloria's best friend that could change the entire direction of the case; a huge twist comes into play involving a rape kit, toxicology kit, and identity theft.

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  • Original Title:Twisted Murder: A Murder Mystery Novelette
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  • ISBN:9781533084606
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  • Publisher:Published August 24th 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format:Paperback, 58 pages