Uncommon Prayer

Almost everyone, from devoted Christian to searching agnostic, has thoughts and questions about prayer. Through his ministry, Episcopal priest Kenneth Swanson discovered that many people, despite their individual beliefs, needed to be taught how to pray in order to grow closer to God. Written clearly and persuasively, Uncommon Prayer traces different spiritual movements and different types of prayer, telling the stories of men and women, from the dawn of biblical history through the modern day, who have grappled with their relationship with God--offering lessons for each of us on how to pray comfortably and effectively. Unique in its approach, fascinating to read, and inspiring in its simplicity, Uncommon Prayer is an uncommonly useful and important book that will appeal to those who are yearning for greater meaning, deeper spirituality, or who are simply seeking a new sense of intimacy with God. ""A serious and disciplined approach based on time-tested ways, designed to be tested in new times. Swanson is well informed about the history of prayer and offers sound advice."" --The Christian Century ""A surprisingly balanced book on Christian prayer as the entrance into the mystery of the intimacy of the Divine Trinity."" --Booklist ""Uncommon Prayer is not only a book on prayer but a very reasoned and passionate apologetic for the Christian faith in our time."" --The Very Reverend James Fenhagen ""Swanson, an eclectic Anglican, ranges widely over the Bible and church history for examples, and tends to be inclusive where others would sort and toss. The result in a stimulating bouillabaisse, which leaves the sorting to the reader."" --Christianity Today KENNETH SWANSON currently serves as the Rector of St. David's Episcopal Church in Roswell, Georgia. He has been in parish ministry for over forty years, serving churches in California, Scotland, New York, and Tennessee where he was Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville from 1997 to 2007. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena; and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where he earned a PhD in the history of religion. He is the author of numerous articles on theology, history, spirituality, biblical studies, and social ethics. In addition to serving as a parish priest, he regularly leads pilgrimages, conducts retreats and conferences, and teaches Christian spiritual formation. He is married to Darlene, and is the father of three adult children and one granddaughter.

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